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Cement pipe pipe production of flexible cement pipe joints

Cement pipe machine is no doubt that the production of cement pipe machinery, and according to the staff introduced in some areas of southern China is also known as culvert machinery, the main structure of mechanical and mold two parts, according to its structure can be divided into hanging roller Type pipe machine and centrifugal pipe machine.

Cement pipe machinery produced by the flexible cement pipe fittings cement pipe production equipment in a joint way, with reliable, fast installation, easy maintenance and other advantages;

1. Flexible joints can be thermal expansion and contraction.

2. Flexible joints can allow the cement pipe mold has a certain deflection, cement pipe machine of the anti-development and the uneven settlement of the good;

3. Flexible joints compared to the steel joint disassembly, maintenance and other aspects more convenient and so on.

4. Flexible joints with self-tightening rubber ring for the seal, to improve the anti-seepage leakage capacity, the higher the pressure, the better the seal, you can also loose, flexible interface with flexible use of high flexibility.

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