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The differance between with steel rebar and without steel rebar of cement pipe

 With the current progress of the society, more and more people are no substitute for mechanical work, cement pipe machine is not only efficient, more time and effort. Qingzhou Hongjian Machinery Factory Main products: cement pipe machine, cement pipe machinery, cement pipe cement pipe and other equipment related machinery and equipment, has been recognized by the user.

Of cement pipe machine tendons and no difference where tendons


Looking ahead, today the social construction of reinforced concrete filled eyes, this is the inevitable result of social progress. Of course, this also led to a great need for cement pipes, steel, etc., cement pipe machine also will heat up. The following macro built cement pipe to introduce you, that is not the same type of cement pipe machine, is divided into unreinforced and tendons are two types.

Unreinforced cement pipe machine gravel, stone, sand, fly ash cement can be incorporated into the appropriate production (inner diameter φ150mm-800mm) flat mouth, tongue and groove, the socket cement pipe. The aircraft produced pipe with wall thickness, internal and external wall lubrication, good barrier properties, high compressive strength, low cost, robust and reliable connectors, convenient construction, high production efficiency, and immediately release maintenance and other advantages. Is the production of unreinforced concrete pipes vision equipment.

  Tendons cement pipe under the effect of centrifugal force, concrete paving evenly into the tube wall in the spinner, roll, hit the concrete next three dense shaped the effect of gravity, then reaches pipe effect. Outputs can be a variety of mouth, tongue and groove, socket, double socket and other drains.

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